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Guide to play scored betting in a match.

Determining how many goals will be scored in a match is one of the questions many sports bettors have, especially when it comes to soccer betting. In particular, this is a popular type of bet that many people are curious about nowadays. Therefore, today Wintips would like to share free vip soccer tips today with you the latest updates in detail.

Understanding the score betting and rules of play

Official score betting is Correct Score - CS. It's a secondary bet with a simple gameplay but not easy to grasp for beginners.

In terms of rules, the score bet is calculated based on the official match time, excluding the time of 2 extra halves. The gameplay of score betting is very simple, players just need to predict the score of the match and place their bets. However, predicting the score will have to rely on many different factors.

Therefore, players not only need to have knowledge of betting but also must have certain understanding of football. Typically, people can bet on the score for the entire match, the score for the first half, or the score for the second half.

Types of score betting

Similar to other types of soccer betting, there are also many different types of score betting. These include predicting how many goals will be scored in the first half, predicting the final score of the match, the maximum number of goals for both teams, the team that scores first, the team that scores last... The three most popular types of bets are listed below.

Full match betting

Players predict how many goals will be scored in the full 90 minutes of play. If the match goes into extra time and penalty shootout, it will not be counted towards the match score. If the match is suspended, canceled, or interrupted, all bets will be voided. In this case, the bookmaker will refund all bets to the players.

First half score betting

Players accurately predict the score for the first-x period, which is only counted within the official 45 minutes of play and valid injury time for the first half. If the match result is affected by any disciplinary action by the tournament's governing body, all bets will be voided. If the match is interrupted before the end of the first half and not resumed, then the first half score bet will also be voided. If the match is canceled or interrupted but cannot continue in the second half, the bet will be considered valid.

Extra time score betting

Depending on the nature of the tournament or the match requiring an additional two halves to determine the winner, the bookmaker will offer extra time score betting. Extra time betting becomes a separate market unrelated to the normal 90 minutes of play before that."

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Answering the question of how much you can win with a correct score of 1?

After understanding the details of the correct score betting, you need to determine how much you can win with a correct score of 1. Let's continue to explain as follows:

Score 1 – 0

An example to illustrate this is in the UEFA Champions League final between Real and Liverpool. The bookmakers' odds offer 1 to 8 for a 90-minute game excluding extra time. Therefore, if you bet on Real winning with a score of 1 – 0, you'll certainly win money because the result of the White team defeating the Red team with that score. At this point, if the bettor invests 100K as capital, they will receive 800K because their prediction is correct.

Generally, there is no specific odds for this score of 1-0. Depending on the credibility and economic strength of the bookmaker, you will know exactly how much money you will receive when you win.

Score 1 - 1

For a score of 1-1, usually, bookmakers will offer odds of 1/9 or 1/10. Suppose you bet on the match between Chelsea vs Liverpool in the Premier League. Then, if the final result is a draw of 1, if your prediction is correct, you win money. Of course, the amount of money won will depend on the amount you initially bet.

Score 2 - 1

With the correct score of 2 – 1, you'll have a different way of calculating the betting money compared to the previous cases. Usually, bookmakers also offer odds not too high, ranging from 8.0 to 9.0. Because matches ending with a score of 2-1 are often fiercely contested battles between two teams of similar strength. Therefore, only individual errors or the form of the stars can decide the outcome.

Experience in Correct Score Betting

Correct score betting is one of the simplest types of bets to play and score. But at the same time, it is also one of the most difficult to predict. Refer to the following experience shared to make the most accurate correct score bets.

Choose appropriate matches

Choosing appropriate matches when playing correct score bets is very important. You should choose matches between evenly matched teams, matches in major tournaments, and in decisive halves. Because these matches usually won't have too many goals as both teams don't want unfavorable results, so the game will be more cautious.

Consider when choosing the betting option

When choosing the betting option, you should follow the handicap odds to know which team is stronger, which team is weaker to make the most accurate score prediction. After analyzing the situation of the two teams carefully, you should choose the odds in the form of A-B, meaning if the predicted result is 2-3 then you should choose the odds of 4-6 to increase your chances of winning.

Don't forget to learn and refer to comments from experts

Before each match, there will usually be many articles commenting, predicting the match from experts in this field. Therefore, if you don't have much betting experience, you can spend time reading and referring to these articles.

There are often articles predicting odds updated on reputable bookmakers, football betting websites, groups on social networking sites, etc.

Choose reputable bookmakers

Choosing reputable bookmakers to participate in is one of the "vital" experiences of many players. Because these players have encountered cases of fraudulent bookmakers, and more seriously, players are at risk of having their information revealed when playing at unprofessional bookmakers. Choose bookmakers that many players choose to participate in football betting in the safest way.

The above is specific information betting tips sites about how much you can win with a correct score of 1 and what players need to do to determine the most appropriate odds. Through this, players need to know specific experiences to determine the most suitable betting odds. Good luck!


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