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Brandy is a hugely diverse umbrella term in the world of spirits, but a deliciously flavoursome one at that. To get technical, largely speaking, to be classified as a brandy, the base ingredient of the spirit needs to be grape-based (with the exception of Eaux de Vie and fruit brandies such calvados, which uses apples or pears).

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Brandy is a broad term. The most ubiquitous brandies we drink are distilled from wine. However, this definition would exclude a number of brandy variations, such as grappa. To put it simply: brandy is a spirit made by distilling fruit, as opposed to whisky, which is made from grains and cereals.

There are few brandies on the market that can boast a reputation comparable to St-Rémy XO. The world first sipped this back in 1990, and the bottle has gone on to win countless awards in the decades since. Presented in a striking black bottle, this is arguably the best-value brandy on the market, often coming in under 25. Oak and vanilla are lathered with honey on the nose, with each aroma carried through to the palate and met with brown sugar and ginger, chewy figs and cracks of pepper.

Considering brandy is historically intertwined with winemaking, it makes sense that location is of vital importance when deciding which tipple to opt for here. Frapin is produced in the Grande Champagne region, a sector of the Cognac region that many would argue is its finest.

Hine is somewhat reinventing the direction of cognac, away from the traditional view of a brandy balloon glass, cigar pairing and dusty leather armchair. As fine as these things might be under the right circumstances, a lighter, more refreshing side to cognac is on the rise and H By Hine has been designed with the cognac cocktail in mind, especially long drinks, where it excels. Try it over ice, combined with ginger ale and a slice of orange zest and be prepared to be converted.

They say their prices determine the exclusivity of brandies. The California-produced Paul Masson is an American Spirits business that produces their brandy in the United States. The brand sells their 750 ml Paul Masson VSOP liquor for around $12.99 to $15.99, about less than half the cost of a 750 ml Courvoisier cognac VSOP.

Sharing the California market is the brandy company E&J. Like their brother Paul Masson, each bottle of E&J is sold for lesser prices than authentic cognac brands. The prices of each 750 ml bottle range from about $20.99 to $22.99.

Courvoisier VS is a blend of old and young cognacs that have been matured in a cask for at least 2 years. The VS stands for Very Special, and it boasts of a fruity taste that works best when mixed with a fruit juice blend.

The Dragon edition of the Courvoisier cognac was released in 2012 to celebrate the Chinese year of the dragon. The brandy bottle was designed to be symbolic of baccarat and engraved with a golden dragon.

Mix all the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake until thoroughly mixed and strain the mix to a glass. You may use any brandy or gin for this cocktail, but the smoothness of cognac beats everything else [2].

The Very Special kind has some fruity grape and pear scents. The VSOP, on the other hand, contains hints of wood from the casks. The flavor is highly affected by the amount of aging the brandy has gone through. Nevertheless, all of them are smooth to drink with a slightly longer finish.

The Courvoisier class of brandy or cognac is one of the best in terms of flavor, smoothness, and of course, customer service! There is an abundance of choices to choose from that vary in cost and tastes but accommodates enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The best celebratory cocktails always include Champagne, and the classic French 75 is so light and refreshing that you could easily drink it at brunch. While many French 75 recipes are made with gin, the original calls for Cognac.

A smooth blend of Courvoisier cognac and premium French red wine grapes, Courvoisier Rose is a light and refreshing cognac drink, crafted to be the perfect beverage for any occasion. Whether a night out on the town or dinner with a significant other, Courvoisier Rose invites consumers to satisfy their curiosity with this flavorful and refreshing spirit. Courvoisier Rose provides a smooth alternative to the traditional flavor profiles of cognac, offering consumers a fun, stylish beverage that is easy to drink. Packaged in the iconic Josephine bottle, Courvoisier Rose's flavor profile features notes of blackberry, black currant and a touch of cherry, complemented by vanilla, honey and vine-peach flavors. For those who typically pair cognac with juice or other mixers, Courvoisier Rose is the ideal alternative. The 36 proof liquid is best served chilled or on ice for a refreshing and approachable taste experience.

The oldest of the bunch, Martell Cognac, was founded in 1715 by Englishman and wine merchant Jean Martell. Following a trip to Charente, Martell discovered his passion for brandy, settled in the region permanently, and went on to establish one of the oldest Cognac houses still in production.

in 1835, Frenchman Emmanuel Courvoisier started a wine and spirit company in the Parisian suburb of Bercy with Louis Gallois, then the mayor of Bercy.[5] Originally, the pair would act as traders for the best cognacs of the region. Eventually they decided that the only way they could guarantee the very finest cognac was relocate to the region and become producers themselves. The 200-year-old crafting process has not changed since Courvoisier's establishment in Bercy.

Napoleon Bonaparte visited Bercy in 1811 as documented in a historic painting by Etienne Bouhot, and later was credited with saying he wanted his artillery companies to have a ration of cognac during the Napoleonic Wars.[6] Legend has it that Napoleon I later took several barrels of cognac with him to St Helena, a treat much appreciated by the English officers on the ship, who named it "the Cognac of Napoleon".[6] In 1869, Napoleon Bonaparte's heir Napoleon III personally requested Courvoisier and bestowed the honourable title of "Official Supplier to the Imperial Court" which is still displayed at the Courvoisier museum in Jarnac.[7]

Courvoisier launched the Josephine bottle in 1951, named after Napoleon's first wife. The shape of the bottle, with a thin neck and wide base, has become synonymous with Courvoisier, and speculation still exists whether the shape is meant to mimic Josephine's love of corsets or an inverted replica of early brandy glasses.[10]

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For me, cognac and brandy are just the sippers I saw my grandparents enjoying after a hearty family meal, and the differences between them seemed minuscule or perhaps unimportant. But actually, the two brown spirits have some complicated similarities and differences. They are kinda the same, but also not? I know, it's confusing, so let's just jump into it.

Brandy is a term that covers a lot of alcohol. The technical definition is a spirit made from distilling any type of fermented fruit. So, technically, wine is a kind of brandy, though most cultures wouldn't refer to vino that way. Most brandies hover around 90 to 100 proof and have a pretty sweet flavor. It's traditional to drink one as a digestif, as my grandparents do, and although it is a brown color, it's not whiskey.

You've probably heard of grappa, another grape-based brandy made from leftover wine that's generally associated with Italy, and pisco, a clear brandy that hails from Peru. But there's also calvados, an apple brandy from France, and armagnac, another grape brandy from France. Long live the French and their dedication to the art of fermented fruit juices!

The distilleries of both brands are present in Cognac, where the best quality grapes in all of France grow. Due to the favorable location, both companies have easy access to premium quality grapes for making their liquor.

To create the best cognac, Hennessy and Courvoisier source the finest grapes from four specific farms in Cognac. Farmers harvest grapes either by hand or by machines and handle them with great care to prevent damage.

Since Courvoisier has a mild and unique flavor, it pairs excellently with other ingredients and is best in a cocktail, whether you opt for the VS, VSOP, or even XO. Experts suggest using Courvoisier VSOP to create a cocktail called Sidecar. 041b061a72

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