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Hunting Simulator: A Guide to Weapons, Accessories and Skills for PC Hunters

Hunting Simulator Game For PC Full Version

If you are looking for a realistic and immersive hunting game for your PC, you might want to check out Hunting Simulator. This game offers you hours and hours of fun and challenge in the open wild with single and multiplayer modes, a multitude of hunting areas, and hundreds of objectives to accomplish. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Hunting Simulator, including its features, how to download and install it, and some tips and tricks to help you become a master hunter.

Hunting Simulator Game For PC Full Version


Features of Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator is a true simulation of hunting that lets you experience the thrill of hunting in various regions of the world, from Alberta to Texas, France, Colorado or Scotland. You can hunt 37 different types of animal, each with realistic behaviors and habitats. You can also choose from among 17 different firearms and close to 50 essential accessories for the modern hunter, such as callers, lures and wind powders. Here are some of the main features of Hunting Simulator:

37 Species of Animal to Hunt

Whether you prefer small and sedentary game of the plains, large game, predators, or waterfowl, you will find something to suit your taste in Hunting Simulator. You can hunt deer, bears, wolves, elk, moose, ducks, geese, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, boars, bison, turkeys, pheasants, and many more. Each animal has its own characteristics, such as size, speed, senses, behavior patterns, and reactions. You will have to learn how to track them down using their footprints, droppings, calls or scents. You will also have to respect the hunting regulations and seasons for each species.

12 Different Regions to Explore

Hunting Simulator lets you explore 12 different regions based on real hunting areas around the world. Each region has its own landscape, climate, vegetation, wildlife diversity and hunting opportunities. You can hunt in the mountains of Colorado, the oak forests of France, the snowy plains of Alaska, the Scottish Highlands, the Alps and more. Each region is populated by numerous different and realistic looking animals that you can observe or hunt. You can also discover various points of interest such as landmarks, buildings or vehicles.

17 Different Firearms and Accessories to Choose

such as binoculars, rangefinders, GPS, hunting blinds, trackers and lures. You can also use wind powders to check the wind direction and avoid alerting your prey with your scent.

Single and Multiplayer Modes

Hunting Simulator lets you play solo or with up to three friends in online co-op mode. You can choose from different game modes such as free hunt, where you can roam freely and hunt whatever you want, or campaign mode, where you have to complete 111 missions with various objectives and scenarios. You can also participate in competitions and community events and show off your skills on the leaderboards.

Dynamic Weather and Time of Day

One of the most impressive features of Hunting Simulator is the dynamic weather and time of day system. The game simulates realistic weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, wind and temperature. The weather can affect your visibility, your shooting accuracy and the behavior of the animals. You can also hunt at different times of the day, from dawn to dusk, and witness the stunning beauty of nature. The time of day can also influence the activity of some animals, such as nocturnal predators.

How to Download and Install Hunting Simulator

If you are interested in playing Hunting Simulator on your PC, you will need to meet some system requirements and follow some steps to download and install it. Here are the details:

System Requirements

Before you download Hunting Simulator, make sure your PC meets the minimum or recommended system requirements. Here they are:

Minimum Recommended --- --- OS: Windows 7 64-bit OS: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel i3 3GHz Processor: Intel i5 3GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 DirectX: Version 11 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 12 GB available space Storage: 17 GB available space Download Links and Instructions

There are two ways to download Hunting Simulator on your PC: via Steam or via the official website. Here are the links and instructions for both methods:

- Via Steam: You can buy Hunting Simulator on Steam for $19.99 (or $2.99 if it's on sale). You will need a Steam account and the Steam client installed on your PC. Once you buy the game, you can download it from your Steam library and install it by following the on-screen instructions. - Via Official Website: You can also buy Hunting Simulator from the official website for $19.99 (or $2.99 if it's on sale). You will need a credit card or a PayPal account to make the purchase. Once you buy the game, you will receive an email with a download link and a product key. You can download the game from the link and install it by entering the product key when prompted. Tips and Tricks for Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator is a challenging game that requires skill, patience and strategy. If you want to improve your hunting performance and enjoy the game more, here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

How to Use Hunting Blinds, Trackers and Lures

Hunting blinds are structures that allow you to hide from your prey and get a better view of them. You can find them in some hunting areas or buy them from the shop. To use them, simply approach them and press E to enter them. You can then use your binoculars or rifle scope to spot animals and shoot them from a safe distance.

Trackers are devices that help you locate animals by emitting sounds or scents that attract them. You can buy them from the shop or find them in some hunting areas. To use them, simply equip them from your inventory and press F to activate them. You can then wait for animals to come closer or follow their tracks.

Lures are items that help you lure animals by mimicking their calls or scents. You can buy them from the shop or find them in some hunting areas. To use them, simply equip them from your inventory and press F to activate them. You can then wait for animals to respond or approach them stealthily.

How to Adapt to Different Environments and Animals

Hunting Simulator features different environments that have different characteristics and challenges. You will need to adapt your strategy and equipment according to each environment and animal type. Here are some examples:

- In snowy areas, you will need to wear warm clothes and use snow camo to blend in with the environment. You will also need to be careful of your footsteps as they can leave tracks that alert animals or other hunters. - In forest areas, you will need to use green camo and move quietly among the trees and bushes. You will also need to watch out for predators such as bears or wolves that can attack you unexpectedly. and use cover to avoid being spotted by your prey. You will also need to use long-range weapons such as rifles or crossbows to hit your target from a distance. - In swamp areas, you will need to use water camo and be careful of your movements as the water can make noise and splash. You will also need to use shotguns or bows to hunt waterfowl or small game. Each animal type also has different preferences and habits that you need to learn and adapt to. For example: - Deer are herbivorous animals that feed on grass, leaves and fruits. They are active during dawn and dusk and tend to stay in groups. They have excellent hearing and smell, but poor vision. You can lure them with deer calls or scents, but be careful of the wind direction as they can smell you easily. - Bears are omnivorous animals that feed on plants, insects, fish and meat. They are active during the day and tend to be solitary. They have good vision, hearing and smell, but are not very fast. You can lure them with bait or animal calls, but be prepared for a fight as they can be aggressive and resilient. - Ducks are aquatic birds that feed on aquatic plants, insects and fish. They are active during the day and tend to fly in flocks. They have good vision and hearing, but poor smell. You can lure them with duck calls or decoys, but be careful of your visibility as they can spot you easily. How to Improve Your Shooting Skills

Shooting is one of the most important skills in Hunting Simulator, as it determines whether you can hit your target or not. Shooting requires accuracy, precision and timing, as well as knowledge of your weapon and ammunition. Here are some tips to help you improve your shooting skills:

- Be aware of the wind direction and distance to your target. The wind can affect the trajectory of your bullet or arrow, making it deviate from its intended path. You can use wind powders or rangefinders to check the wind direction and distance before you shoot. - Use the right ammunition for your target. Different animals have different sizes and toughness, so you need to use the appropriate caliber and bullet type for each one. For example, small game like rabbits or foxes can be killed with .22 or .223 caliber bullets, while large game like deer or elk need larger calibers like .308 or .30-06. You can also use different bullet types such as soft point, hollow point or armor piercing depending on the penetration and expansion you want. - Practice your aim and trigger control. You can improve your aim by using scopes or iron sights on your weapon, and by adjusting your stance and posture. You can also improve your trigger control by squeezing the trigger gently and steadily, without jerking or flinching. You can practice your shooting skills in the shooting range mode or in free hunt mode. - Aim for the vital organs of your target. The vital organs are the heart, lungs and brain of an animal, which are located in different areas depending on the species and posture. You can use your Hunter Sense ability to highlight the vital organs of an animal when you aim at it. Hitting the vital organs will cause more damage and ensure a quick and humane kill. Conclusion

Hunting Simulator is a game that offers you a realistic and immersive hunting experience on your PC. You can hunt 37 different types of animal in 12 different regions with 17 different firearms and accessories. You can also play solo or with friends in various game modes and challenges. If you are looking for a hunting game that simulates the thrill of hunting in the wild, you should definitely give Hunting Simulator a try.

Here are some FAQs that might help you with Hunting Simulator:

Q: How do I save my progress in Hunting Simulator?

A: Hunting Simulator has an auto-save feature that saves your progress automatically after each mission or hunt. You can also manually save your progress by accessing the pause menu and selecting Save Game.

Q: How do I unlock new weapons and accessories in Hunting Simulator?

A: You can unlock new weapons and accessories by completing missions in campaign mode or by earning money in free hunt mode. You can then buy them from the shop located in your hunting lodge.

Q: How do I change my clothes and camo in Hunting Simulator?

A: You can change your clothes and camo by accessing the wardrobe located in your hunting lodge. You can choose from different outfits that suit different environments and seasons.

Q: How do I use my dog in Hunting Simulator?

and help you in various ways. You can give commands to your dog by pressing G and selecting an option from the menu. Your dog can track animals, retrieve them, flush them out or warn you of danger.

Q: How do I switch between first-person and third-person view in Hunting Simulator?

A: You can switch between first-person and third-person view by pressing V on your keyboard. You can also adjust the camera angle and zoom level by using the mouse wheel.


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