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Apparently, rootage is defined as a system of roots, which I supposed is thematic since the helmet has a three-piece in-mould construction and it is designed to offer protection if you decide to go soil sampling.


How is this helpful? Well, it shows you the anagrams of rootage scrambled in different ways and helps you recognize the set of letters more easily. It will help you the next time these letters, R O O T A G E come up in a word scramble game.

The osteocartilaginous bone graft, conceived by Regnauld for surgical treatment of hallux valgus, is to-day widely known and practised. We have preferably employed the so called "inverted graft", while Regnauld, in his recent monography, defines it less satisfactory than the "cork" or "hat" shaped grafts. Therefore, we have observed the radiological evolution of our inverted grafts, to evaluate the possible differences of their "rootage" in comparison to the cork grafts, studied by Valenti in 1976. Some possible causes of the infrequent failures of this grafting are also examined and discussed. We conclude that the osteocartilaginous graft evolution do not show radiological differences referable to the graft morphology and that unfavourable evolution, when is present, concern at first the articular (cartilaginous) side of the graft, being independent of failed rootage or aseptic necrosis of the bony side.

To note that the man in the photograph is Markus's grandfather dispels little of the novel's mystery, but it does reveal much of its thematic core. ''A man's rootage is more important than his leafage,'' Woodrow Wilson once said, a sentiment no better amplified in fiction than by William Faulkner, who plumbed many of Davidson's concerns in ''Absalom, Absalom!'' There's no wisteria here, but Quentin Compson and Markus Cottin have a great deal in common: they know what claws the past has, and how those claws can scratch at the present. For Compson, the rootage he unearthed explained the South: its moldy gothicism, its convoluted rage. The roots Markus discovers help explain the mine-pocked Southwest, to be sure, but also the mysteries of his own life: his fatherless childhood, his rootless detachment.

A time-dependent model of the regime of moistening in the rootage layer of ameliorated soil is presented. It is based on the solution of a differential equation for the capillary potential of moisture transfer in the zone of soil aeration. The motion of moisture from the surface of groundwater into the layer of active moisture transfer of the aeration zone determines the aqueous-physical properties of soil, the moisture saturation degree of this layer, and the position of the groundwater level. The motion of soil moisture is characterized by an unsteady regime in which the moisture content changes not only with depth, but also in time. 041b061a72


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