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Many of the careers from The Sims 2 and The Sims are back in The Sims 3. The careers in the core game are Business, Culinary, Criminal, Education, Journalism, Law Enforcement, Medical, Military, Music, Political, Science, and Professional Sports, as well as part-time jobs in the book shop, supermarket or spa, which can be accomplished by both adults and teenagers. Each one of the jobs takes place in a community lot of the neighbourhood. However, these lots are only "rabbit-hole" buildings, with an external façade, but the player cannot access them and is not able to see what happens inside. Thus, jobs are automatic in the game, even if the player will sometimes receive challenges and questions with different options to have more control over the sims' career performance. Advancing in a career still depends on mood and skills, but with the addition that relationships with colleagues/boss and even certain goals that have to be fulfilled. Players can control if the sims "Work Hard", "Take It Easy", "Suck Up To Boss", etc., thus affecting their performance. A new feature The Sims 3 offers is branching careers, which allows Sims to choose a certain path in their career (such as a Sim in the Music career can eventually choose to specialize in Symphonic music or Rock). These branches are generally offered around level 6 of a career, depending on which career the Sim is working.

Ts3 Music Bot Nulled Graphics

On April 19, 2009, Target released a promotional disc of The Sims 3 that features a Ladytron band poster, The Sims 3 theme song music download, and a $5 off coupon. The main menu includes screensaver downloads, videos, Create-a-Sim, Create-A-House, and much more. There is no actual gameplay involved, but it describes what playing feels like.

Several musical artists partnered with EA to perform some of their songs in the language of Sims, Simlish. Artists have ranged from Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum, Flaming Lips, Damien Marley, Depeche Mode, Nelly Furtado, and Flo Rida.[32]

The game was released as both a standard edition and a Collector's Edition. Both the Collector's Edition and the standard edition of the game comes with a coupon for 1000 Sim Points to spend at The Sims 3 Store.[36] The standard edition contains the first release of the core game, while the Collector's Edition includes the Sims 3 core game, a 2 GB The Sims Plumbob USB flash drive (preloaded with wallpapers and screensavers of the game, and the main theme as an MP3 file) with matching Green Carabiner, an exclusive European-styled Sports Car download, a Prima Tips and Hints Guide (not the actual Sims 3 Prima Guide), and Plumbob stickers. Those that pre-ordered the game also got a Vintage Sports Car download, The Sims 3 Neighborhood Poster, and a quick start reference guide.[37] A preview CD with more information about The Sims 3, such as music samples, family descriptions, and career information, was also released.[38]

Discord has a huge library of bots that can do all sorts of niche things like roll dice for a D&D campaign or post news on certain topics, but the one bot that almost any server can benefit from is a music bot. Music bots appear like normal members of a Discord server and can be summoned with simple text commands to stream ad-free music based on what you search (usually from YouTube, but other sites are supported). They're a nice way to play music in sync with every user in a channel at once, and the closest thing to an internet jukebox.

In the case of most bots, adding them to a server is as easy as clicking an "add" button on a website and allowing access to the bot when a popup appears on Discord. Music bots are so convenient that Google took notice in 2021 and shut down (opens in new tab) two popular music bots for breaking YouTube's terms of service. There are a few working music bots still out there (my server uses Vexera (opens in new tab)), but they may be a dying breed, so enjoy them while you can.

In March 2018, Rhythm the music bot was the first bot to reach one million servers. It was used by eight million servers before it was removed. At present, at least 30% of the active servers on the app use 430,000 bots at one time every week.

Bots are Discord's micro workers that perform a variety of services. They can help in moderating a user's server. They welcome newbies. They can create events and notifies people of upcoming giveaways. They can likewise add music and games.

Modern games mostly have audio at 48000 Hz, so to avoid any down-sampling, so this setting maximizes your gaming audio quality. Most streaming music is sampled at 44100 Hz, so on this setting music is up sampled but the difference is very minor.

Want to spice up your Sims music collection? Then, you should download this mod that has 226 songs and 23 radio stations in the classic Simlish language. Players can listen to each station, including Alternative, Backyard, Cottagecore, and Latin Pop. 350c69d7ab


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