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What is a Corner Bet? Methods for Analyzing & Predicting Odds in 2024

What is a Corner Bet?

The international term for Corner Bet is 'Corners'. This type of bet falls within the most popular sports betting options available currently. Implementing the dropping odds strategy can be particularly effective in corner betting. When participating in corner betting, players do not need to overthink, nor do they need to concern themselves with the match's score or goals, the number of yellow or red cards issued. Instead, they only need to predict and focus on the number of corner kicks in a match, which team executes the first corner, or which team will have the first or last corner kick.

General Principles of Bookmakers in Corner Betting

The corner bet offered by bookmakers applies a very simple principle but can have various forms of corner bets with their own unique operations. However, fundamentally, most bookmakers follow the general rule below:

If the number of corners meets the condition of the first option given in that type of bet at the end of the match time, players who bet on that option will win the full amount.

If the number of corners meets the condition of the other option, players who bet on that option will win the full amount.

If players bet on a different option than the winning one, they will lose their entire bet. In some special cases, there might be a situation where a half-loss occurs.

Why Should You Choose Corner Betting in Football Betting?

Once players get involved in betting games, they certainly have a wide array of choices. However, for those who are new to this activity or lack extensive experience, corner betting is an optimal choice.

Most bettors favor corner bets for a very simple reason: it is both easy to play and offers a chance to win significant rewards with a relatively high probability of success.

Some Popular Methods of Analyzing Corner Bets Currently:

If one day you find yourself bored and no longer interested in traditional betting, try placing a bet on a corner kick.

Corner betting offers many forms with different gameplay and point calculation methods. To help players better understand this type of betting, below I will highlight some of the popular types of bets in the current world of football betting.

Over/Under Corner Bets

The Over/Under corner bet, or corner handicap bet, is certainly the most popular and widely played among corner bets. In this bet, players predict whether the total number of corners in a match will be over or under a certain number set by the bookmaker. If the sure home win prediction for tomorrow is correct, the player wins the corresponding reward; if incorrect, the player loses the staked amount.

Handicap Corner Betting

Familiar to any bettor is the Asian handicap betting. The handicap corner bet operates similarly to the regular handicap bet. When there is an imbalance in the match or a disparity in the corner kick rate between the two teams, the bookmaker will offer a bet depending on the predicted dynamics of the two matches and the betting market situation. The outcome is determined based on the number of corners at the end of the match.

Bets on the First and Last Team to Win a Corner

In this bet, players predict which team will get the first/last corner in the match. Although it's easy to understand, it's not easy to play, as the likelihood of winning a corner is often close to 50/50, and predicting which team will win the first/last corner is challenging due to many influencing factors.

1X2 Corner Bet Odds

Similar to the European 1X2 bet, players have three choices: win, draw, or lose. The outcome is based on the number of corners each team wins in the match. If a player chooses a draw and the match ends with an unequal number of corners, they will lose the bet.

Odd/Even Corner Bets

Like the Over/Under bet, the Odd/Even corner bet is determined based on the total number of corners in a match. The rules are straightforward: players predict the total number of corners, and if correct, they win an amount proportional to their bet; if incorrect, they lose their staked amount.

First Half Corner Bets

The first-half corner bet is a variation of the regular corner bet, with the outcome based on the number of corners in the first half of the match. Players choose from handicap betting, 1X2, or Over/Under bets like regular corner bets, then analyze and predict the first half to place their bets.

Expert Shares Experience in Playing Corner Bets with Extremely High Winning Odds

Most bettors who participate in corner betting often make decisions based on intuition and usually do not thoroughly research the match. Therefore, we would like to offer some advice on how to play corner bets with a greater chance of winning, to help you make more informed betting decisions:

Players need to thoroughly understand the two competing teams before placing a bet, including their playing styles, the capabilities of their offense and defense, and especially the main lineup, to assess which team is likely to be under pressure and which one will be more proactive.

For bets on the first and last corner betting, it is advisable for bettors to wait for a short period after the game starts before placing a bet. By then, you will have a broader overview of the current state of play and can make a more accurate decision. Usually, the first corner tends to be won by the stronger team that is more focused on attacking the opponent's goal.

It's also beneficial to actively learn from experienced predecessors and experts in the betting community. By doing so, you can accumulate knowledge for yourself while learning their way of thinking and effective betting strategies.


We hope that the information in this article has helped players gain a better understanding of corner betting. If you are genuinely interested in today's corner bets or ongoing online corner bets, feel free to visit Wintips football betting tips telegram channel to find more information.


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