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D Entre Les Morts Pdf Download !EXCLUSIVE!

  • \n These CSV files are encoded in UTF-8 and all of them have the following columns:\n \n SortOrder (numeric): record counter

  • \n LocID (numeric): numeric code for the location; for countries and areas, it follows the ISO 3166-1 numeric standard

  • \n Notes (string): symbol linked to location notes file (available for download below)

  • \n ISO3_code (string): ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 location codes

  • \n ISO2_code (string): ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 location codes

  • \n SDMX_code (string): SDMX Global Registry, cross domain code list for geographical areas (version 2.0) represents a combination of reference area codes in M49 and ISO-3166 classification for international data exchange and interoperability _id=3215 and _AREA/2.0

  • \n LocTypeID (numeric): code for location type

  • \n LocTypeName (string): type of location

  • \n ParentID (numeric): numeric code of the parent location

  • \n Location (string): name of the region, subregion, country or area

  • \n VarID (numeric): numeric code for the scenario

  • \n Variant (string): projection scenario name (Medium is the most used); for more information see Definition of Projection Scenarios

  • \n Time (numeric): year the data refers to

  • \n MidPeriod (numeric): numeric value identifying the mid period of the data, with the decimal representing the month (e.g. 1950.5 for July of 1950)

\n \n

D Entre Les Morts Pdf Download



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