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Herbie Fully Loaded 2013 1080p Torrentl ^HOT^

THE BLU-RAY DISCby Bill Chambers A discount Russell and Carpenter, actor Justin Bartha and director Jon Turteltaub have recorded a yakker for the National Treasure BD, though they seem to be operating under the assumption that their commentary is for a remastered DVD. (Turteltaub laments the misplacement of a subtitle identifying "Philadelphia" on the '05 disc, a mistake that is rectified here.) I kind of enjoyed this track, recorded some time after the sequel's completion and fixated on setting nitpickers straight. Bartha, whose offscreen persona is consistent with that of his alter ego, talks Turteltaub into some interesting sidebars (we learn that he went to high school with Nicolas Cage), while Turteltaub is good at pressing the actor's buttons for maximum comic effect, as in a discussion of Bartha's alleged resemblance to Ethan Hawke. Their love lives are probably discussed entirely too much for Disney's comfort, but the pair gets down to brass tacks more often than not; for what it's worth, this is the first time I can recall hearing of a film getting longer as a result of the test-screening process--a lot of Bartha's performance was rescued from the cutting-room floor after preview audiences responded favourably to his character. The other Blu-ray-exclusives are the Java-enabled trivia track and "Mission History: Inside The Declaration of Independence", an interactive feature hosted by "Riley Poole" with options to 'decode' or 'navigate' the eponymous document--the latter bringing up a playlist for a healthy number of historical featurettes tastefully-produced in HiDef. Both should appeal to casual history geeks and/or people who enjoy waiting for things. The remaining extras previously appeared on DVD, though the platter represents a significant upgrade in the video department: the 2.35:1, 1080p transfer is entirely absent of the DNR that plagued the film in standard-def and incredible besides, boasting stable and aesthetically-pleasing grain, superfine detail, and a broad, deep greyscale. The DD 5.1 audio is virtually identical to what you hear on DVD despite a slightly improved bitrate--can't speak for the PCM uncompressed option, alas. HD trailers for Wall-E and National Treasure: Book of Secrets cue up on startup. Originally published: May 12, 2008.

Herbie Fully Loaded 2013 1080p Torrentl

Walt Disney Productions (November 8 1973), Walt Disney Home Entertainment (August 6 2013), Blu-ray plus DVD, 83 mins plus supplements, 1080p high-definition 1:66:1 widescreen, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Rated G, Retail: $36.99

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