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Larousse Ingles Metodo Integral Pdf 40

Larousse Ingles Metodo Integral Pdf 40

If you want to learn English in a comprehensive and practical way, you might be interested in the Larousse Ingles Metodo Integral, a course that offers the possibility of understanding, writing and, above all, speaking fluently a current and everyday English. The course is based on the following principles:

Larousse Ingles Metodo Integral Pdf 40

  • Learning in a safe and progressive way.

  • Developing self-confidence.

  • Keeping motivation intact until the end.

  • Learning by listening.

  • Advancing at the pace of each student.

The course consists of a book and a CD that contain:

  • Oral exercises, with dialogues recorded by English actors.

  • Cultural information of all kinds, presented in an entertaining way.

  • Interactive exercises (crosswords, multiple choice tests, etc.)

  • Progressive introduction of terms and notions, to familiarize the student with the subject.

The course covers 40 units that cover different topics and situations, such as:

  • Greetings and introductions.

  • Family and friends.

  • Daily routines and hobbies.

  • Travel and tourism.

  • Shopping and services.

  • Food and drinks.

  • Health and emergencies.

  • Work and education.

  • Media and entertainment.

  • Sports and leisure.

The course is designed for intermediate level students who want to improve their skills and reach a higher level of proficiency. The course follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and prepares the student for the B1 level exam. The course also includes a grammar summary, a vocabulary list, a pronunciation guide, and an answer key for the exercises.

If you want to download Larousse Ingles Metodo Integral Pdf 40 for free, you can find it online at , , or . However, we recommend that you buy the original book and CD from Larousse or Amazon to support the authors and publishers. Learning English can be fun and rewarding with the Larousse Ingles Metodo Integral!

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