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Schwarzer Panther 2014 German 720p Webhd X264 Slgl

Schwarzer Panther 2014 German 720p Webhd X264 Slgl

Schwarzer Panther is a 2014 German drama film directed by Samuel Perriard and starring Luna Zimic Mijovic, Samuel Weiss and Ursina Lardi. The film tells the story of Emilie and Jakob, two siblings who reunite after a long separation and decide to sell their inherited holiday home in the Swiss Alps. However, their relationship is strained by their different views on life and their unresolved past. The film explores the themes of family, identity, loss and reconciliation.

Schwarzer Panther 2014 German 720p Webhd X264 Slgl

The film was released in Germany on October 23, 2014 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The film was praised for its realistic and emotional portrayal of the characters, as well as its beautiful cinematography and soundtrack. The film was nominated for several awards, including the Swiss Film Award for Best Actress for Luna Zimic Mijovic and the Max Ophüls Prize for Best Feature Film Debut for Samuel Perriard.

The title of the film refers to a black panther that appears in Emilie's dreams and symbolizes her inner turmoil and desire for freedom. The film also uses the motif of fire to represent the passion and conflict between the siblings. The film was shot in various locations in Switzerland, including Zermatt, Saas-Fee and Visp.

The film is available in high definition (720p) on the web with the file name Schwarzer.Panther.2014.German.720p.WebHD.x264-SLG. This file has a size of 1295.44 MB and contains 28 files. The file was uploaded on December 17, 2017 by an anonymous user. The file can be downloaded from various websites, such as [Peatix] or [Travel Tradition]. However, downloading or streaming this file may be illegal in some countries, so viewers are advised to check their local laws before accessing this content.

For more information about the film, viewers can visit the official website of the film [] or watch the trailer on YouTube.


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