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Benjamin Ward
Benjamin Ward

Instant Dvd Recorder Pinnacle !!BETTER!!

Adding to its range of video capture and archiving devices, Pinnacle has released the Dazzle DVD Recorder (DVC100). This product acts as a conduit between a video source and whatever is your designated DVD destination. Adopting the same tear shape used by the other Dazzle products, the DVC100 is easily identified by its bright red colour. It has a permanently attached USB lead at the narrow end with colour coded sockets for left and right audio plus S-Video and Composite Video In. Unfortunately no connecting leads are provided for either audio or video. For the purpose of this review I opted for a lead with triple sockets on either end that provided the link between left/right audio and Composite Video of the Dazzle unit and my VHS recorder.

Instant Dvd Recorder Pinnacle



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