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Neumann Cutting Lathe For Sale

What???? There are at least 150 to 200 Neumann VMS70 lathes out there still running and being used. Maybe another 50 in private collections and museums. That just covers the pro Neumann end. When you start to consider all the hobbiest cutters and those using semi-pro Vinylium or Vinyl Recorder systems there has to be at least 300 to 400 people in the world still cutting.

Neumann Cutting Lathe For Sale

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Domestic lathes tend to have lower fidelity, but this can be a boon to a "lo-fi" artist. They're also a very low-price investment. A more high-end model will include more features, such as the ability to cut stereo records and automated cutting processes. If you find a Neumann cutting lathe for sale, it may very well be a professional unit.

This depends on the lathe, but you are not limited in general. Many models have a 12-inch platter and the functionality to cut 10-inch and 7-inch records. Besides vinyl, there are many materials suitable for cutting:

Of our 5 mastering rooms, 2 have been designed for both for stereo and 5.1 surround sound mastering. This enables us to master for surround consumer formats like BluRay and SACD as well as cinema releases. While 2 have our lovingly maintained Neumann VMS-80 lathes installed for cutting vinyl records.

Our mastering engineers have decades of combined experience in cutting vinyl and know how to get the very best from the format. As the format enjoys a well deserved resurgence, our specialism in professionally produced vinyl results in stunning sound quality which comfortably holds its own against CD and other digital formats. We have two lovingly maintained Neuman VMS 80 cutting lathes, which have been further modified for optimum results.

Vinyl cutting at half speed is a highly specialised process, and we are one of the few mastering studios in the world capable of this superior method of cutting. Both the playback system and the cutting lathe work at half speed, putting less stress on the vinyl cutter head. This produces a louder, cleaner cut which far surpasses what is achievable on a standard speed cut. 350c69d7ab


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