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in the second part of the essay, nimzowitsch begins with the cardinal concept of the game and introduces defenses and attacks. he admits to having missed the names of the principal defenders, but that is not so bad since there are 2 defenders in every attack. of course, he admits having missed attacks on the queenside and more specifically defenses behind the queen. this latter of particular interest to modern players (not so much to the literature), since the modern professional know that behind the queen there are 12 main defenses in the standard chess.

my system aron nimzowitsch free pdf download

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the note by aron nimzowitsch, in which he introduces chess praxis, is a little breathless to be sure, and certainly much less accessible than the second half of my system. it seems at first glance to be no more than a set of instructional notes with a little game commentary. at best, it is a collection of essays on chess opening theory.

the main portion of the book, on the other hand, is written as a commentary on chess openings, exercises in attack and defense, and some general ideas about again, the main problem is to render the original appropriately. nimzowitch's prose is a delight, but again it is very much terse. his english is as wild and arcane as his chess.

it is as if the world that nimzowitch wrote about was not only different, but also magical. the list of games in chess praxis is a little alarming, since they are not really games, but rather chess exercises. almost every opening has its own pamphlet with a set of notes. there is no coherence to it, and none at all to the gambit wars. to me, the most striking feature of nimzowitch's chess praxis is the absence of compulsory studies. it is an oddly modern idea, common nowadays with chess teachers. nimzowitch mentions compulsory studies 6 times in this book (he actually only had 3 compulsory studies). his stated reasons are that a study one does not like is of no use to the player, and also, that 'we have enough compulsory studies to live on as it is'."

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